can you smoke oxycontin op 80

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Tramadol – unable to acheive organsm

Anyone else experiencing this side effect? Not a normal topic of discussion for me with anyone but my doctor. I found this drug to be very helpful with easing pain, no sedating effect, BUT after taking this medication discovered I was unable to acheive orgasm. It took me a while to figure out it was the Tramadol causing the problem. – Filed in Tramadol – 37 Replies Continue Reading »

qualis pharmaceutical oxycodone

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how to use soft gelatin capsules-susten 200 at vaginal

i have placed at my vaginal,dr told that it will melt and some amount will come out,by morning,but for me it has not come out,,i m tensed to use it today again. – Filed in Gelatin – 5 Replies Continue Reading »

yellow oblong hydrocodone watson 10325

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Fentanyl abuse

i have recently heard of people scraping the powder off the patch and burning it and either snorting or injecting it please tell the people that are abusing this how dangerous this can be. Or tell of an experience someone may have had due to the abuse of the patch this way.scared to death for my son. – Filed in Fentanyl – Post a Reply Continue Reading »

Open Question: Can suboxone lead to cravings for cocaine?

Telma 40 and Losartan together

Can telma 40 be given together along with Losartan potassium 50 mg , one in the morning and the other in the evening? – Filed in Losartan – Post a Reply Continue Reading »


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side effects of garapentin

I just want to know what are the side effects of the drug garapentin. I also take Motrin & want to know of any known interaction between the two. I took garapentin for the first time last night and got so dizzy it was like having vertigo. thanks for any help you can give to me. – Filed in Motrin – 2 Replies Continue Reading »