Oxycontin OC 80. 60, 40

I hope everyone will reply to my post. I ‘am like thousand of good people who live in pain every minute of the day. And now since Purdue the makers of Oxycontin has reformulated the OC to OP we all suffer. I like all has called Purdue with my concerns not only a complaint on how this new Oxycontin does not work and its side effects. What I will do if I have enough people to respond is to set up a FACEBOOK page were people can add his or her story about how the OP do not work, what side affects he or she is having. Also where everyone can boycott any medication that Purdue sells. When at the Pharmacy ask the Pharmacist to give you another brand of medication not one made by Purdue. Trust me there are many other drug companies who make the same day to day medication we take. From blood pressure meds to birth control etc. If they see that people will not go away quietly that we will be heard. – Filed in OxyContin – 3 Replies

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