Info on wd symptoms

I have been taking suboxone for a year now. I started taking them off the street and got really high at first, that. quickly stopped and I ended up with a habit. I got on the suboxone clinic and have been taking 4mg a day. I have been able to lead a semi normal life, I go to college and I work.. Both full time, but this nagging guilt about being addicted to suboxone is always there. i was a heavy heroin abuser for 5 years before i got sober the first time. I was sober for about 11 months and started drinking. This led me down the path back towards opiods. I was a cronic relapser and everyone in my life, including myself, was very frustrated and sick of it. I found suboxone cause a friend of mine was on it. While on this med. I don’t even think about getting high. The thing is, what happens when I want to stop? I’ve heard the withdrawls are worse than heroin and if that is true, i’d rather die than go through that one more time. I can’t imagine anything being worse than that! I do want to cut down, but my dr. seems hesitant to do so. Can any one give me more info on the wd of 4mg a day? 2 Replies

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