Drug testing for MS CONTIN

MS CONTIN have been taking for 2 weeks 60 mg tablet twice a day. How long will it take to be out of my system. I had a rx for oxycontin and someone stole my medicine so my friend gave me thses to use. – Filed in MS Contin – 1 Reply Continue Reading »

Capsule Yellow R Phentermine Mutual 274

were can i get those pill at in bk nd were can i contact at – Filed in Phentermine – Post a Reply Continue Reading »

ethex generic 80mg oxycontin

what pharmacy carries ethex brand generic oxycontin? – Filed in OxyContin – 73 Replies Continue Reading »

clonidine use in oxycotin detox

Recovery period after this rapid detox. – Filed in Catapres – 8 Replies Continue Reading »


Our dog was diagnoised with bone cancer and given 6 months to live. The DR. prescribed 100 mg. of RIMADYL for him. [sheep dog] 9 1/2 yrs ] and 50 mg of Tramdol. I also take Tramadol for back pain. The DR. just said to give him 2 RIMADYL A DAY and not to specific on the TRAMADOL 1 to 3 or 4 a day. I don’t want to over medicate him or under medicate him. He isn’t complaining at all yet. He is like one of our kids and wan’t to give him as much pain free time he has left. How do we know when to give him more or less pills as time goes on, and is their any other substitute meds that doesn’t cost $80.00 dollars as rimadyl does for a months worth of pills. Thank You CAROL – Filed in Carprofen – 1 Reply Continue Reading »

do you gain weight with suboxone?

Hi I’m just starting to research suboxone. I’m currently going to a methadone clinic every day and it is such a hassle. I have to get up every morning at 4am to be there in time to get to work the line is so long but that’s beside my point, My real question is Do you gain weight with Suboxone? This is my third attempt at trying to get off of opiates by taking Methadone but every single time I start taking Methadone I gain 40 to 60 pounds within the first 4 months. Most people do, some don’t I just happen to be one of them. I get so discouraged by the weight gain that I stop going to the Methadone clinic and then start using again. Sadly my mom died from using the same drug I used before treatment. – Filed in Suboxone – 24 Replies Continue Reading »

Round white pills (Diazepam?)

Have gotten ahold of round, whie pills with no scoring or imprints. Supposedly made in India by JPee Drugs; I have my doubts. Does anyone know if India requires scoring or an imprint on tablets they make for the market there? – Filed in Diazepam – 1 Reply Continue Reading »

Oxycontin OC 80. 60, 40

I hope everyone will reply to my post. I ‘am like thousand of good people who live in pain every minute of the day. And now since Purdue the makers of Oxycontin has reformulated the OC to OP we all suffer. I like all has called Purdue with my concerns not only a complaint on how this new Oxycontin does not work and its side effects. What I will do if I have enough people to respond is to set up a FACEBOOK page were people can add his or her story about how the OP do not work, what side affects he or she is having. Also where everyone can boycott any medication that Purdue sells. When at the Pharmacy ask the Pharmacist to give you another brand of medication not one made by Purdue. Trust me there are many other drug companies who make the same day to day medication we take. From blood pressure meds to birth control etc. If they see that people will not go away quietly that we will be heard. – Filed in OxyContin – 3 Replies Continue Reading »

Prozac With Topiramate

My dr is considering putting me on prozac and topiramate at the same time. I have been taking pristiq but quit because of weight gain. Does anyone have any experience with prozac and topiramate together? – Filed in Prozac – Post a Reply Continue Reading »

Weight gain on Pristiq??

I have been on Pristiq now since November of 2008…not quite 5 months…and I have put on 15 lbs since starting it. DESPITE working out with a trainer at the gym twice a week weight training, 3 days a week of cardio AND counting calories. My doc assured me that I would also have a decreased appetite on Pristiq, which I have yet to find true…so he has now increased my dosage to 400 mg. Does anyone have anything to add to this?? I’m just frustrated! – Filed in Pristiq – 246 Replies Continue Reading »